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Overall Process

Re-occuring pin holes? Patching leaks to immediate problems is inevitably more costly and disruptive. However replacing pipes can be disruptive to tenants as well. At Biscardi Mechanical our experienced and skilled riser teams will assess the conditions of your risers.  We’ll provide you an accurate time frame on when your risers should be replaced by. With our many years of experience with previous riser replacements, it’s well proven that pipe replacement is far better than pipe lining, regardless of what other plumbers might think or are selling. Pipe lining, in many cases, has proven to not only lower the pressure in piping systems but also, in some cases, to completely block the riser with epoxy causing inproper flow and circulation. Replacing with new typle “L” copper is the proven solution that will also give your tenants piece of mind knowing a new product is being installed.

Property managers wtih buildings between 15-20 years old will need to think about the condition of the risers and to start developing a plan. For these jobs, our crews will require access to the suites in order to open sections of the wall to access the main risers. At Biscardi Mechanical our crews have specific techniques that require a minimal number of openings. Few openings reduce the impact on your finishes. Our skilled technicians limit down time of water systems and client disruption.


The Planning

A big concern is the disruption to the home owner and tenants as they simple continue with their lives during construction. Superintendents and building managers spend less time managing concerns. Tenants understand each step of the project and are self-assured.

Our crews are in and out in a matter of days completing anywhere from 2 to 4 complete risers per day depending on the number of floors and zones.  We cover all areas with plastic and runners minimizing dust. At the end of the shift the crew cleans up the units removing plastic and ensureing that the tenants come home to peace and quiet.



Our experienced riser crews have creative solutions which reduce the size and location of openings and minimize costs on any drywall, tiles or kitchen cabinet removals. With proper planning, even fussy residents are satisfied with our quality of work and attention to detail.  Each riser will be inspected and fire stopped from floor to floor before drywall and any tile work repairs are completed.  We take great pride in fast, efficiant quality of work and our competative pricing.

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