Owners and tenants both enjoy greater comfort when their plumbing, draining, heating, venting and air conditioning systems are well maintained. Scheduled Maintenance means greater comfort, convenience, cost-savings, efficiency and longevity when it comes to your condos mechanical systems.

Fan Coil Units – Cleaning, Lubricating or Replacing:

Fan coil units typically have three major components requiring regular service intervals: motor, filter, and coil. A maintenance log should be maintained to benefit from maximum performance and service life from the unit. For en suite fan coil units, equipment manufacturer’s guide lines typically recommend maintenance service every six months.

Kitchen Stack Cleaning – Power flushing, Drain Snaking and Camera Inspections:

Food, waste, grease all ends up in the common “kitchen stack” for the condo, building up over time, sometimes creating smells, and usually slowing down the drain. It’s also a health issue. That smell coming from the pipes are bacteria, accumulating and growing in moist places. It also causes corrosion and clogging. Biscardi Mechanical utilizes state of the art power flushing to clean condo kitchen stacks.

Biscardi Mechanical Reduces Your Costs

A scheduled maintenance service agreement means reduced costs. Condo owners enjoy improved performance while assuring building owners that all maintenance is being performed on schedule and protecting their long-term investment.

Call now and schedule a Biscardi Mechanical maintenance technician at 647-638-3111.

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