Kitec plumbing will cost you plenty.

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Kitec plumbing was widely used by builders in the US and Canada for homes and condominiums built or renovated, between 1995 and 2007. Kitec was sold as a corrosion-resistant alternative to copper pipes up to 2005. Manufacturing of Kitec halted when its tendency to quickly corrode was uncovered.

Excessive water pressure or temperatures hotter than the manufacturer’s rating of 77C caused Kitec pipes to leak or burst.

Biscardi Mechanical master plumbers explain that homes with Kitec plumbing will experience premature pipe failures with increased frequency over time resulting in leaks, bursts and flooding.

Kitec plumbing can often be identified most commonly by its bright orange and bright blue pipes. Look for brand names of either Kitec or PlumbBetter with stampings of Kitec or KTC. Also check the electrical panel for a sticker indicating  Kitec was used as the electrical system cannot be grounded to it.

Condo replacements of Kitec range from $6,000 for one-bedroom units to $10,000 for two-bedroom units.

Kitec plumbing has been subject to many lawsuits across north america with an estimated 87,600 claims that will not be settled until the expiry of the claim period of 2020.

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