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Camera Inspections


The process of determining the cause and location of a drain issue can be time consuming, frustrating and costly. Our Hi-Definition camera equipment will pin point exactly locations of the problem along with supplying the customer or management with a PDF file showing the complete camera inspection and a full written report as well.

Power Flushing


Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing issues we come accross. With our highly skilled and experienced hydro jetting crew and the best in-class equipment we are prepared to handle the worst. Our team will first determine the cause of the blockage which will determine the flushing equipment used. We service any size drains blocked with anything from hair, oils, food, sediments and grease being the biggest issues in high rise condos. Main stacks that are power flushed will always include a full camera inspection to ensure proper cleaning was completed and a full PDF video will be supplied along with a report.

Drain Snaking & Replacement


Drain cleaning

  • The latest tools, technology and expertise
  • Motorized rooters, high-velocity water jetting
  • Specialised plumbing snake devices, augers and cutting tools for those stubborn roots.
  • Discounted camera inspections if needed with snaking.
  • Drain locates


Drain Replacement

  •  Locate and removal of old existing drain
  • Installation of new drains from Main building stacks, underground drainage systems, city main and residential drainage.
  • Materials that we specialize in include PVC, CPVC, XFR, System 15, ABS, Clay and Cast Iron.


Jason Biscardi

Jason Biscardi

CEO / Master Plumber

Jason has amassed a wealth of experience in all areas of plumbing over 14 years. Jason has a wide range of certificates and licenses that include: Cross connection backflow specialist...

Alan Treacy

Alan Treacy

Master Plumber

Alan began his career in Ireland where he gained a wide range of experience from building maintenance, trouble shooting and service. After obtaining his licence, he moved to Toronto...

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