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Kitec Replacement, Plumbing Installation, Upgrades and Repair

Quality Work

– High quality workmanship

– Over 25 years combined experience

– Best in class equipment

Customer Focused

– Our dedicated team provides fast and efficient service

– Available 24/7

– HVAC and Electrical Services

Financial Stability

– Projects are delivered on time and on budget

– Competitive pricing on all jobs

Jason Biscardi

Jason Biscardi

CEO / Master Plumber

Jason has amassed a wealth of experience in all areas of plumbing over 14 years. Jason has a wide range of certificates and licenses that include: Cross connection backflow specialist...

Alan Treacy

Alan Treacy

Master Plumber

Alan began his career in Ireland where he gained a wide range of experience from building maintenance, trouble shooting and service. After obtaining his licence, he moved to Toronto...

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